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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

30 Cost & No-Cost Valentine Ideas for You and Your Loved One

30, Cost & No-Cost, Valentine Ideas For You and Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is a special day often forgotten but is truly essential in this busy and non-stop modern day life as a day to take time out with you and your loved one to share a moment, a kiss, and your bond that you will hopefully be joined by for life.

History: Valentine’s day has early roots to the early Christian-Roman In the third century A.D. Saint Valentine had resisted the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, who had attempted to outlaw the marriages of young men who he felt would be better solder’s without wives or families. St. Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret and once discovered was put to death.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

1. Surprise your love with a bouquet of roses

2. Chocolates with a card

3. Deliver a poem with singing telegram (many costume delivery companies will perform)

4. Hand write a poem and leave it on her pillow

5. Jewelry, a birthstone piece with your children’s birthstones included

6. Take her on a romantic dinner date

7. Take her out slow dancing

8. Write in marker a poem on balloons and deliver them

9. Leave them a map with a treasure hunt on it. When they reach the X have a candle lit dinner and wine waiting

10. A nice nightly walk in the park or on a beach

11. Pick up a romantic movie from your local library

12. Pick up a romantic board game

13. Give your mate a full body massage

14. Bake an extra large heart shaped cookie

15. Call your loved one unexpectedly to tell them how much you love them

16. Play “your song” if you have one

17. Learn to tell them something romantic in a foreign language they would enjoy

18. An unexpected kiss

19. Go for a night at a Spa for just you two

20. Go see a romantic movie

21. Take a long needed vacation with just the two of you and plan romantic outings such as wine tasting

22. Create a love blog and add pictures and memories, many sites offer for free

23. Cook them a delicious dinner using rose pedals and cinnamon

24. Spend the night next to a crackling fire reading a book of love poems

25. Just look them in the eye and tell them how much you care

26. Take your loved one to the same place you first meet or you went on your first date

27. Buy her some romantic new lingerie

28. Ornate the house or bedroom with hearts and ribbons

29. A photo album of your favorite experiences together

30. Make a special chocolate dessert

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