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Friday, October 21, 2016

America's Right to Bare Arms, Some Say it is Primative, Un-evolved, Extreme-ism

As a mother ,grandmother, sister, widow and daughter I can say honestly that I wish I didn’t have to bare arms. Guns are scarey and I know from growing up around them. Where I was born you can have a gun and many folks moved here because of the gun laws. Retirees have moved to the southwest with their “cowboy” fantasies. We always sent/send our children to “gun classes” so they “learn” that guns are “not” a toy and are for protection only. The kids learn how to handle a gun, how they work and they learn that you don’t ever pull a gun out when your angry to threaten someone. We didn’t/don’t have “accidental” shootings.Children are very smart, They understand, Give them a chance. There are “on purpose” shootings, when someone really wants to kill someone. Or someone was lucky enough to have protection when a robber or a rapist stuck a gun in their face.

I can just hear mothers saying “I prefer NO guns around my children.”,. Well, don’t we all? Unfortunately, guns were invented. There are many issues for myself and many others is the path “America” seems to be going. American, tax paying citizens are very concerned and they don’t trust their government. Americans don’t want to be left for dead, nor their children should their government decide to “betray” them even more. American tax paying families definitley feel betrayed by their government. One example is, Bush administration giving nice tax credits to corporations whom “outsourced” millions of AMERICAN jobs to Mexico,China and India. Needless to say , they sent “our” prosperity to these countries too. Americans feel as if they were “left for dead”. they are “selling” American highways/roads to foreign countries? The roads and highways don’t belong to them. Australia bought a “toll” road in Virginia.

The Mexicans flooding in to America is yet another reason why Americans feel vulnerable. Not anything against the Mexican people. There are a number of reasons why Americans don’t want to give up their right to bare arms. Their government selling them OUT! and their children, and their country, for corporate “cash/favors/incentives”. Americans are very tired of the always plentiful drugs that “keep” somehow getting “IN” to their country inspite of “ALL” the TAX dollars that go for protecting America, Into technology such as sateillites. Americans PAY government agencies to “protect” them and their children. The drugs are STILL getting in to either kill, injure, Felonize ( strip of ALL american rights) or completely desroy countless American tax paying familys.

Americans see drug smuggling ( As in bringing cocaine,heroin and meth into america) as a “REAL” terrorist attack on US soil. Americans are being labeled “terrorists” if they have any dissent. This is ludicrous. Americans are very “insecure” right now they don’t just feel they’ve been played, they “KNOW” they’ve been played. Americans want “their” troops on the Mexican border to stop ALL drug trafficking and to stop the massive flood of mexicans coming into America to escape the “un-regulated” corporations that moved down there to “enslave”, abuse and Pollute. This is after American consumers and employees “made” them whom they are. So yes, Americans don’t want to give up their guns, especially with rogue corporate gangsters and banksters being handed powers that only the AMERICAN people have.

A woman named Rebbecca Peters with a group called “iansa” was/is the person that started the Australian movement, government’s laws to strip “gun rights” from their citizens. However, the police and government still have them and drug dealers and criminals have them and what if a country knew this and invaded Australia and shot and murdered whomever? Call the police I guess. History “has” shown that humans “can” be very evil and I wonder does Rebecca Peters really think she lives in a “loving” world?? What then can you do for a child or grandmother , when some maniac that has guns is threatening your family?

I am willing to surrender my righ to bare guns, Only “IF” every other living soul throws “ALL” of their guns in too! I wish they’d never been invented, like nuclear anything. So are folks whom are truley afraid for their familys, their property Un-evolved?, because they stand for their second ammendement right? I wonder , I believe most Americans are genuinely concerned for their safety, country, their children and their property. I don’t know where Rebecca Peters is from, but I hear Australia’s crime went up and she should come live here in the southwest and see what has been done and the kidnappings, home invasions, American tax paying families being destroyed behind drugs. The groups that claim they are going to take America back and its not the American native indians. It is tragic I would say to Rebecca Peters, but humanity has shown its true colors before. How does someone “protect” their family from “others” carrying guns? Bow and Arrows?

One has to ask Rebecca Peters( whom is supposably in Canada or London planning her campaign in America to take our second ammendement right away). If she had someone close hurt or killed from a gun shot wound? But Americans are concerned about invaders and/or Tyrants. Americans do not feel safe. There are groups of rich folks meeting and planning chaos ( Bildeberg/ meeting/ Greece2009) they want to crash the US dollar. I wonder what David Rockerfeller meant when he said ” he wanted to create chaos”? When he attended the Bildeberg 2009 meeting ? There is “evil” out there and Americans feel vulnerable.

Tags:America’s Right to Bare Arms, Some Say it is Primative, Un-evolved, Extreme-ism

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