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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Glorious Tribute to a Public Woman

The community in Park Town was bubbling with joy. Mrs. Shirley Walker a social activist and reformer did yoemen service to the local people during a hurricane, which devastated a posh locality. The citizens wanted to honor her, and so a meeting was organized. There were four speakers including the chair person to feliciate her. One by one they addressed the gathering.

Chairperson: I have great pleasure in introducing Mrs. Shirley Walker whose name is familiar to you. She is a venerable pubic woman. I mean, all the public knows her and her contribution to the prosperity of the community. She has devoted her entire life for the welfare of the people around her. These apart, she is a woman of clear grasp, quick conception and easy delivery.

Speaker 1: I wish to add something more and relevant. Mrs. Walker is not merely a public woman. She is a woman of large dimensions and wide proportions. She has a magnetic personality. There is no need to describe her attributes. She is too well known. The less said about her the better.

Speaker 2: I will be failing in my duty if I do not narrate one incident, which I distinctly recollect. This grand lady is so large hearted that when some one wants help she readily agrees, Once my friend Parker wanted desperately space to park his car in a congested area. He could not make it in spite of making several rounds around the area.

While he was in hot search for a location this lady passed by. Parker ‘panicky face’ caught her attention. She asked him whether he had any serious problem. Parker explained the situation. He had to rush to a friend for providing immediate help. It was easier to walk to the place than to go by car. So he wanted some parking space where he could leave his car for some time.

Then this lady replied. ” Parker don’t worry. I will let you my space. I have always the reputation of being a space woman, though not on the same level with Valentina Tereshkova. I have lot of space to offer. You will get priority”. Such is the large heart of the lady. By this I don’t certainly mean she has a dilated heart.

Speaker 3: It is my turn to narrate my personal experience with this noble, majestic and magnanimous lady. She gladly comes to the rescue of distressed persons. I had a problem of accommodation for a night. I met her in the Manhattan commercial complex. I said I wanted to land somewhere to sleep. In the absence of proper accommodation I was in serious difficulty.

She immediately responded and said,” Mr. Harry. You should not worry when ladies like me are available at close quarters. I promise I will give you night landing facilities in my abode. You can be at peace now.”

That is all about the space woman who offered night landing facilities to the really distressed. It was a grand felicitation meeting.

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